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The phenomenal book The Fault In Our Stars Audiobook written by novelist John Green was recently turned into a movie and has become one of the most talked about romance novel turned movies ever since The Notebook. The emotion, romance, and raw talent that is in the film has amazed even the most stubborn of critics earning an 8.4 from IMDB users and an 80% positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The film has grossed over $167 million worldwide, with the stars of the film still getting a crazy buzz from tabloids everywhere. However, no matter the success of the film, it can never compare to the actual book.

Plot Overview

The basic plot of The Fault in Our Stars story follows an Indianapolis 16 year girl native named Hazel Grace who is suffering from terminal thyroid cancer, and what usually gets her through treatment is her fighting spirit and sarcasm. Because her mother is convinced she has depressions, she insists that Hazel should start going to a support group so that she can meet friends who are going through similar hardships. During one of the meetings at the support group, Hazel immediately catches the attention of an 18-year-old fun-loving and charming guy named Augustus Waters. At a group discussion, he shares how his biggest fear is ‘oblivion,’ to leave this world without leaving a legacy and Hazel replies stating that his fear is a bit foolish. Right after, they become smitten with each other, and he invites her to his place.

While heading to his house, Augustus asks her about her story, where she goes on to explain how she got cancer and how it affected her family. When they head to his room/basement, he tells to her his osteosarcoma which has been in remission but has sadly left him with an amputated leg. He then asks her about her life story again, but this time her real story, her interests, hobbies, and the things that make her feel normal. She talks about a novel that she has read countless times called the Imperial Affliction and advises him to read it as well. He says yes only if she reads his favorite book too.

Although he enjoys the book, he is so frustrated at the fact that the novel just finishes mid-sentence, but she explains how the crazy cliffhanger is only Peter Van Houten the Author’s way to give people a better understanding on how life and death just ends when it’s over, and that is why she has such a great respect for him, as he understands death even if he hasn’t died yet. Houten fled to Amsterdam after the novel was published and has been missing in action ever since.

A couple of weeks after, Augustus surprises Hazel on how he was able to contact Peter’s assistant Lidewij, where through her, they were able to begin a conversation with Houten. After the first reply, Hazel decides to contact him as well about all her questions about the book where Houten replies stating that he wants to tell her in person and invites her to visit him directly. Shocked and overwhelmed, she tells her mom about the huge news, but unfortunately can’t go because of all the medical and financial expenses that they have to pay for. Later on, Augustus tells Hazel that he used his wish (something sick kids get when diagnosed with cancer) to get tickets to Amsterdam. Aside from all of Hazel health concerns, her family allows her to go and take the trip of her dreams. There, she experiences love, heartache, and emotions she has never been able to feel in years. Though it wasn’t the trip she was expecting; it was everything she ever wanted and more.

The Movie

What surprised a lot of people including myself was the depth and similarities the movie had with the book. The story and the characters were all spot on, where Shailene Woodley (Hazel Grace) and Ansel Elgort (Augustus Waters) brought the two main stars to life. However, no matter how great the movie was in general, nothing could ever compare to the book version where simply every sentence thoroughly explained the individual stories of the characters. If you don’t have the time to read the book, consider listening to the audiobook, as no matter how busy you may be, you can be able to enjoy the book while doing your normal daily routine.

There were a lot of people that loved the book more than the movie, but that is only because countless people pictured the stars and characters to look much different. If you want to make the book even more of a great experience, then watching the trailer first would be a smart idea so that you know what to picture as you get through the book.

Origin of the Story

Not a lot of people know that the book was made in tribute to a 16-year-old girl named Esther Earl who also had thyroid cancer but unfortunately passed away at 16. Unlike the book, she wasn’t in love with anyone, but believed that her soulmates were her parents and so when she was dying, she decided to create an account on a website that lets you message your future self, and used her parents’ emails as the forwarding email so that if she doesn’t get them they will go to her parents.

After she passed away, a while after her death, her parents got emails from their daughter’s future self and were astonished to see her final letters. When John Green found out about her story, he immediately wanted to write a story to pay tribute to Esther. It is rumored that one of the girls in the support group is supposed to be Esther, but it hasn’t been denied or approved just yet. Hazel Grace, the heroine in the book has various traits similar to Esther, one of which is the desire to drive and beat cancer that they have both been fighting since they were young girls. The story is so relatable aside from the whole cancer thing, making it an inspiration to stay positive, never to lose hope in love, and always to do your best to persevere. John Green has made a novel that people will never forget.

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The Fault in Our Stars
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