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An Abundance of Katherine’s audiobook is the audio version of the comic novel written by John Green and narrated by Jeff Woodman. Some of you may know the narrator because he has many other books narrated. Instead of being humorous in an exaggerated way, this comic novel has a realistic approach to humor, and many of the listeners could be able to relate to it very well. An Abundance of Katherines could be considered easier to read than to listen to because it involves mathematics equations that should be seen on paper. The idea behind this book can be similar to the one in the TV series Big Bang Theory.

The Story

The main character in the book is Collin Singleton, who is dumped for the nineteenth time by a girl called Katherine after his high school graduation. Collin leaves Chicago and goes on a road trip with his best friend, Hassan. As a child, Singleton was a genius and very good at anagramming. During the road trip, being in Tennessee, he finished a mathematical equation that could be used for predicting the outcome of any relationship between two individuals.

He thinks his equation will be helpful for avenging “dumpees” and for getting his girl. One of the best parts of the story is the relationship between Hassan and Collin. This story can help people realize that diagrams and routines can be sometimes useless in life, as sudden things can happen that could change the game.



The protagonist of the story, Collin Singleton, is a brilliant character, who has an incredible number of life experiences. He was labeled as the child prodigy in his childhood. The biggest desire of Collin is to “matter” in this world. Listeners could easily relate to this, as many of us want to have a great purpose in life and many of us are labeled in a way or another. Collin always whines about dating Katherines, and maybe he should stop dating them and meet only girls that are different than a Katherine, which eventually happens later.


Hassan plays an important role in the book because he is the one who takes Collin on the road trip and determines events that will lead Colin to find a girl who is different from a Katherine. Some of you who are fans of Big Bang Theory may recognize this character as similar to Raj from the TV series. He is a hilarious character. The author talks very much about Hassan being a fat Muslim. This character often wonders why Collin could have been able to date so many girls.


Lindsay is a character who always feels like she has to wear different masks in front of different people. There is a difference between the way she thinks about herself and the way she behaves in front of others. Lindsay is a dynamic character that many female listeners of the audiobook may like. Just as Collin and Hassan, Lindsay struggles to find a purpose in life. She is the most popular girl in her town.


If you want a quick story that you will remember and if you are also a road trip addict and like Southern-based stories, An Abundance of Katherine’s audiobook will surely please your ears. The audiobook is very funny to listen to and can be great for people who like nerdy stories.

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An Abundance of Katherines
Format: Audio Book

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Duration: 6:49
Date Published:
Language: English
ISBN: 1423324544