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The Novel, Looking for Alaska, was officially published in 2005, dedicated to young adults. The author of the novel was John Green, a top, influential and triumphant modern novelist. He has also written other best-selling and valued Young Adult books such as the Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars, which both won him an award and number one spot in NY Time Best Seller list, respectively. Looking for Alaska the novel, was acknowledged by the American Library Association as the paramount novel for teens.

The Audiobook version of the novel was published by Brilliance Audio and narrated by Jeff Woodman, done in 2008. Jeff makes the interesting story so alive, which engage listeners into the life encounters of Miles Halter. Miles is a teen in the novel who primarily started a journey of self-discovery. Nevertheless, he encounters the strange and untamed Alaska, who charms him and draws his attention, which makes Miles change his life perspective. The Audiobook is in a complete format running for 7hours and 11 minutes. It is based on the true-life encounter of John Green in a boarding school in Alabama, Indian Springs School, which is called ‘Culver Creek’ in the novel.

Plot Overview

Miles is nicknamed ‘Pudge’ at Culver Creek, even though he is tall and skinny. He meets Alaska, an attractive but emotionally rickety young woman, who is called ‘The Colonel,’ by his roommate. Their weird intimate relationship makes the story more interesting and volatile. He was challenged by Alaska to learn what ‘the labyrinth’ meant. Simon Bolivar referred to this word on his deathbed. Miles was promised a steamy, sensual experience in exchange. He deliberately gets involved in the mysterious universe of Alaska and ends up falling in love with her.

Whom Does It Target?

This Audiobook is a great selection for any adult or young adult who likes a distinctly peculiar and appetizingly ironic sense of humor and a comprehensive version of particular circumstances. The book also targets one who loves real-life mischief and strong characters. It also fits best for anyone who believes that someone can enter your life and change it completely, without you noticing.

Customers’ Report

For those who have downloaded the audiobook, they have found it fascinating, and they claim that the audiobook surpasses other genres, even though it is grouped as a young adult tale. The listeners acknowledge the great work of the narrator, Jeff Woodman, who incorporate different voices. Jeff integrates the hoarse voice of Alaska and Lara’s Romanian Accent. The listeners were deeply connected to the characters and their grown-up life encounters. They have ranked Looking for Alaska among the best 7 young adult novels of their choice.

Where to Buy it

If you are interested in this audiobook and you want to learn if romance triumphed over honorable resolutions or not, then you can download it freely at audible. Nevertheless, you will need to have a promotional coupon code (which you can claim by clicking the offer link at the top of this page) which will help you download it freely. Get online and experience the funny, romantic and super interesting lives of these two young adults.

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Looking for Alaska
Format: Audio Book

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Duration: 7:8
Date Published:
Language: English
ISBN: 142332448X