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John Green, one of the best-sellers of fictional books did a greater job with his “Paper Towns” as well, making it another best-selling novel in his success spree. His characterizations for Paper Towns have been right on, making his characters look realistic and relatable to readers. The writing is very clever, with dialogues that reflect true and real-life situations.

Those who have already tried read Paper Towns, know what a lovely piece of writing it is and those who do not have time to read through pages, always have the option for audio books to cater their urge. When we talk about Paper Town audiobook, there are so many things that you’ll love about the book. You’ll like the way the author has described each character and how the narrator has managed to bring all that in the limelight without making anyone or anything feel superbly crucial in the storyline. Even though the story revolves around the Q, the protagonist, but the people he comes in contact with are also an essential part of the storyline, making the plot an all-people’s game. At the end of the book, you will just love the message that the author wants to put across. It is nothing much complicated, but that a person should be accepted as he/she is and not how people think they should be. The Paper Towns journey is all about finding your truth.

The book has gained in such popularity, that it has been adapted into a movie, which will be released in 2015.

Overall, the storyline is realistic and witty. It is all about Q’s quest to find Margo which includes description of an epic road trip. Paper Towns is a mystery as Margo leaves many unresolved clues for Q when she disappears. The road trip is exciting, adventurous, and some parts were actually downright hysterical. The plot has the ability to make anyone feel nostalgic.

Listening to the Paper Towns audiobook will make you feel more close to the character. The narrator, Dan John Miller, has done a marvelous job and his voice suited the character of Q just perfect. Dan John did a great job with his voice and timings. He can show the true personality of each character, so you can know who was talking.

Summary For Paper Towns

Quentin Jacobsen or Q, spent his life loving the fun and adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when Margo cracks open the window and climb back into Q’s life, all dressed up like a ninja, summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge, Q simply follows her.

After their all-nighter, next morning when Q arrives at school, he discovers that Margo has now become a mystery. But, soon he learns that there are some clues that she left for him. During his adventurous road trip, he realizes that the closer he got the clues, the less he could see the girl he knew for sure.

Overall, the story is divided into three parts comprising of light-hearted pranks at the beginning, the search, and the journey. To sum up, it is a fantastic novel with a deep message. If you are one of the people who hasn’t read this book, go out and read it. It is just awesome!

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Paper Towns
Format: Audio Book

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Duration: 8:1
Date Published:
Language: English
ISBN: 1423380029