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Will Grayson, Will Grayson audiobook is the audio version of an book from authors John Green and David Levithan There are two Will Graysons in the book, and they represent two different characters. Nick Odehl is the narrator for one Will Grayson, and he perfectly voices the character, making him quite arrogant. The other Will Grayson is narrated by MacLeod Andrews. The two authors began writing the book with the first three chapters, each one written separately by one of them. Then, they shared the chapters with each other and they saw a great opportunity in this book.

The Story

Two teens by the same name, Will Grayson are crossing paths on a cold night somewhere in Chicago. As they meet, their lives turn in a new sudden direction. Each Will Grayson comes with a particular set of problems that he is facing. They are both in high school, and all their dramas, tensions and problems begin to intermingle in a funny but deep manner.

The book alternates constantly between the two Will Grayson characters: one that has been written by John Green and the other one that has been written by David Levithan. The story ends with a high school musical that is like the end of any other school musical so that it can be highly unrealistic for some listeners. The story is quite amusing, especially because it is narrated in this way.


Will Grayson 1 (made by John Green)

He is kinder than the second Will Grayson. His parents are doctors and very loving towards him, but most of the time, they are absent. There are two rules by which this Will lives: shutting up and caring less. He loves the band Neutral Milk Hotel. This Will is a very good friend with another character since fifth grade, Tiny Cooper.

Will Grayson 2 (made by David Levithan)

He is vicious to his mother for no obvious reasons, and his attitude is bad. This Will lives with his mother; he has no friends, he is poor, and he is depressed. He met a guy by the name of Isaac on the internet, and he chats with this guy each day because he is in love with him.

Tiny Cooper

Tinny Cooper simply cannot be real, because of experiencing too many emotions that overwhelm this character. Even if he is gay, he has a lovely heart. He and Will Grayson 1 are the best friends. However, sometimes Grayson becomes frustrated and annoyed by some of the things Tiny is doing. Tiny cooper is one of the most interesting characters in the book. He is portrayed as a large, flamboyant gay football player. Cooper is the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Other characters, include Maura, who is is a goth girl who interacts with Will Grayson 2 and is attracted to him. Jane, who is a friend of Will and Tiny and the member of the Gay-Straight Alliance. She loves Neutral Milk Hotel.


The Will Grayson, Will Grayson audiobook is all about love in each of its form. It is about falling in and out of love, losing families and friends. The book can make you realize that lust is not the same as love and that people can love platonically. This book is also about depression, coming out of it and acceptance.

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Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Format: Audio Book

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Duration: 7:54
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Language: English
ISBN: 1441842632